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got it bad || ♥ || {and that ain't good}

/ v.1 / paradise by the dashboard light

a r t | r e s o u r c e s
12 August
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Rosanna. 16. Twiggy. UK. Loves: TV, Fanart, Fanfiction, Internet, MSN, Penguins, [See Interests]. Hates: Betrayal, Jealousy, Being Lonely.

1.) If you use anything, credit!!
2.) Please comment, I like to know where my work is going!
3.) If you add me, don't expect me to always add you back - this is not my personal journal!

aiden burn, ainsley hayes, alexz johnson, alias, allison janney, aly & aj, alyson michalka, amy acker, ana johnsson, andrea parker, angel, anna sundstrand, arrested development, art, ashlee simpson, ashley olsen, bosco, brendan fehr, buffy, caleigh peters, calleigh and delko, calleigh duquesne, calleigh/delko, catherine and warrick, catherine willows, charmed, cj cregg, crime scene investigation, csi, csi icons, csi: miami, csi: ny, danny taylor, daredevil, donna moss, dr. allison cameron, dr. eric foreman, dr. gregory house, dr. james wilson, dr. lisa cuddy, dr. robert chase, eisley, elektra, emilie de ravin, emily procter, er, eric close, eric delko, eva mendes, evanescence, evangeline lilly, faith yokas, fanart, fanfiction, foreman/cameron, fred burkle, fresley, gary dourdan, george eads, graphics, green day, grey's anatomy, horatio/calleigh, house md, house/cameron, hugh laurie, ian somerhalder, icons, illyria, izzie stevens, jack/kate, janel moloney, japanese horror films, jason behr, jennifer garner, jennifer morrison, jesse spencer, jorja fox, josh and donna, judy greer, kate austin, kellie martin, kelly clarkson, kim delaney, kim raver, kim zambrano, lauren and sark, less than perfect, linda cardellini, lindsey willows, lisa edelstein, lj icons, lost, lucy knight, madison mcreynolds, maggie grace, majandra delfino, making icons, marcia cross, marg helgenberger, maria bello, martin fitzgerald, mary-kate olsen, maura tierney, medicine, medium, melissa george, michael/maria, molly price, natasha bedingfield, natasha thomas, new york yankees, nick stokes, omar epps, patricia arquette, pierre bouvier, play, poppy montgomery, reese witherspoon, robert sean leonard, rosie munter, roswell, sam and luka, sam taggart, samantha and martin, samantha spade, sara and grissom, sara and nick, sara sidle, sarah michelle gellar, scarlett johansson, shannon/boone, shipping, simple plan, spongebob, stacey dupree, starbucks, sum 41, sydney and vaughn, t.a.t.u, the west wing, third watch, tim speedle, tv doctors, urban legends 2, warrick brown, willow/tara, without a trace, yobling